BERLIN 12/04/17

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Hey guys

Time to write about Berlin, which I do think I promised to. Well, I’m not going to write so much, actually, since I’ve written about Berlin before, so I’d rather just share some pictures with you. Nonetheless, I will share some basic information.

I went with three of my best friends, Ida, Juttisha and Julie, from April 12th to april 16th. We stayed at a Hostel named Alcatraz in Prenzlauer berg (East Berlin, which is my favourite part of Berlin hah). It was a very good Hostel for the price, but not as great as we thought it would be from the videos we saw.

We spent our first day shopping, our second day, friday, visiting the DDR (I do think it’s called GDR in english) museum and sightseeing in the lovely weather, while we went for dinner in an indian restaurant in the evening. We spent a lot of hours there, just drinking happy-hour cocktails (SO MUCH CHEAPER THAN DENMARK) and at one point the waiters invited us to a club. To make a long story short we returned later in the evening, stayed there until 2 am and then just drove around because the clubs they were supposed to take us to were unavailable because of different reasons. So I didn’t actually dance which made me quite sad. The next day we went to the Museum of Modern art, I felt terrible, and then we just walked around while we saw different parts of Berlin.

This was a really quick review of our trip, which was absolutely amazing, but maybe not that blog-worthy. In stead I’ll post a haul on here later of the things I bought! Until then

Have a nice week, day, month, year



My top 10 travel songs

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Skærmbillede 2017-03-30 kl. 21.07.26

Hey everyone 

As you guys know, one of my absolute favourite things to do in this world is to travel and since I’m soon embarking upon a new period of my life, which hopefully will include a lot more travelling, I wanted to share with you my 10 favourite songs for it. These songs are chosen from a playlist of 106 songs which all mean something special to me (To be fair, I waited most of my life for leap-year and the possibility to be free to travel, so these are all the songs I’ve saved up and lived through until then ahah) so it’s only a couple of my favourite travel songs. You can see the rest of them on my spotify, of course :)) Anyway here you go! 

Scare away the dark, Passenger 

Vienna, Billy Joel 

Run for those hills, Babe, Tom Rosenthal 

Counting stars, One Republic  

In a perfect world, The Sam Chase

Carry on wayward son, Kansas 

Tiger Striped Sky, Roo Panes

Sleep on the floor, The Lumineers 

Far behind, Eddie Vedder

Map of the world, City And Colour

GRWM : Love-themed party

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Hello you guys

This post is going to be me trying to do something new. Instead of making grwm-videos, I’ll try to write them this time, since I do not feel like I have the time nor desire to edit a video right now. (Honestly I feel so stressed out, so parties seem like a great idea atm).

So, I guess I’ll start up with the make-up since it’s of the essence. Naturally, I didn’t get any nice pictures of it, because I am a sucker at selfies, but if you’re able to see it on the picture of me and Juttisha, I chose to go with a rosy look a-la romance and a light-brown, nude lip with pink undertones. For the skin I went for a bronzy look, which I always do for parties because i’m so naturally pale, and the highlighter was, of course, also in a rosy colour.
The top I was wearing is from Asos’ own brand, whilst the necklace is from H&M, the jeans from a danish brand called Vero Moda and the boots from Vagabond. I’ll post proper pictures down below. 

Product list:

Moisturiser: Dermologica clear start mat moisturizer // this is real good if you’re prone to oily skin, like me. 
Primer: NYX HD primer base
Foundation: Too faced, born this way in light nude // oil-free and long-lasting, one of the best foundations I know.
Concealers: MAC cosmetics select cover-up and Urban Decay Naked concealer.

Loose powder: Nilens jord priming and finish powder 
Bronzer: Too faced, chocolate bronzer
Highlighter: MAC Cosmetics mineralize skinfinish in soft and gentle
Brows: NYX micro brow-pencil in ash-brown and Benefit cosmetics’ Gimme brow
Eyes: Morphe mat palette 350M and Urban Decay Naked 3 // I highly recommend the Morphe palette, but I actually find that Naked 3 disappoint each time I use it, since there’s barely any pigmentation in the shadows. 
Mascara: Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real! mascara
Lips: NYX lingerie in the colour Ruffle Trim. 

We, Julie and I, decided to buy sushi for dinner this time. I wanted something small, so I just ordered 3 rolls of host maki (Avocado, mango and one with salmon) – and of course shrimp chips and chilimayo. When we got home from school that day we suddenly realised that we only had 1,5 hours before we had to be at my friend Olivia’s apartment, so everything went a bit hasty. Anyhow, I’ll post some pictures from the evening just to set the vibe. 








G A L L A // P R O M

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Hey everyone!

New month, new blog. It seems that’s about how often I write in here. Loads has been happening this last half a year – year. I had a boyfriend, then I didn’t, I got my drivers license, I got a new job, I wrote a big ass assignment and did pretty well. Now everything is going a bit slower and I feel like I just wanted to take the time to share this important experience with you guys – my galla. Well, a galla is, as you can probably tell from the headline, basically a danish version of a prom. This galla has been the main event of my three years in high-school and this day was what we waited for since 1g (first grade). Then it arrived and then it was over and now I’m just left astonished of how quickly time passes.

I mean, I’m finished soon! No more school. I’m free!

I thought I wanted to share some pictures with you guys and just tell you a bit about the day. You see, my day started at 08:30am. I was hosting brunch for 4 of my closest friends. I made non-healthy pancakes (I’m back in fitness, so who cares) and then we had some syrup, coconut sugar, fruits, berries, tea, juice and eggs and bacon. It was very nice seeing the other girls because I don’t see them as often as I would like to. Luckily, we’re going to Berlin together next month. I’ll probably update you on that later. After brunch, when it was about 12pm, Julie and I drove over to one of our friends, Kamma. She’d put up these two big mirrors on her diningtable so we we’re able to put on our makeup at the same time. It was pretty clever, really. When we reached 4pm the last of us was slipping on dresses and putting on falsies, realising that we actually was in a bit of a hurry, since dinner with the rest of the class was at half past. We rushed to the car, one of my falsies fell off, I had to change shoes because I couldn’t drive in heels and then we had to shift seats because my mum was driving us to the restaurant. It was a pretty hectic experience, actually.

We had chicken-burger and french fries for dinner with a red wine. Real fancy. When we arrived at school we had to dance the “Lanciers”, but after that we were free to do what we wanted. A band called “Uptown funk” played all kinds of funky tunes, so naturally I was to be found on the dance floor all night, if not in the bar buying another wine. Jesus, did I buy a lot of wine. At the end of the evening I lost my purse, due to the wine, so I didn’t go into town with the rest, but it was fine. I was absolutely destroyed the day after and I only got home at 1am.

That is summed up my evening. It was really lovely and I am grateful for the wonderful people I surround myself with. They made the evening so much better.

See you later





Norway & Austria

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Hola everyone

I’ve been on two lovely trips lately and I thought I’d like to tell you about them even though it’s been long since I wrote the last time. I’m sorry of course, I am everytime, but I don’t want to make any empty promises anymore. I will TRY to write more in here. Anyhow, as you probably guessed by the headline I went to first Norway and then Austria for skiing. Unfortunately we were quite unlucky with the weather on both trips. It was heavy snowing and very gusty in Norway whilst it was really warm in Austria. Though the hotter weather is strongly to prefer I just thought I had to share this with you guys since it’s about the only bad things I have to say about the trips.

I want to start by telling you guys about Norway. We went there January the 5th – January 8th. The area in which we were staying was named Vrådal and was about 3 hours drive from Kristiansand where we arrived by ferry. We lived in a really nice, spacious apartment, but the rest of the building was empty since we stayed there totally out of season. I have to admit; the place was a little creepy at times.

Unfortunately, as I mentioned before, the weather was warm. Only one slope was open, so the skiing got a bit monotonous. Luckily there was a little cafe in the bottom of the valley where we spent alot of time instead – me with my feet close to the fireplace since they were freezing terribly in spite of it not being very cold.

When we arrived in Austria it was a bit different. Here it wasn’t just warm. It was crazy warm. Like warmer than I’ve ever tried before. Global warming is real, friends. By the end of the week we were skiing without jackets and without ski-underwear. We were also skiing on really heavy snow, which made the thighs burn. It was nice nonetheless. I actually prefer, when the slopes are still skiable, the warm weather, but that’s because I tend to freeze very easily. When it’s warm like this trip I was able to sit at one of the mountain-restaurants with a coke and no jacket just feeling the sun in my face. It’s the best feeling.

Anyway; just a quick sum-up for you guys. See you later



One year anniversary

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Hello everybody. 

I have once again returned to my beloved blog after what feels like a longer time than usual. I don’t know why I’ve stopped writing and this development concerns me because writing honestly is the best thing I know and the thing I’m best at. It’s a way to get my thoughts out and a way to air my opinions and my form of art. Why I am abandoning this I don’t know, but I will once again try. Here I am. Writing just a few weeks after my one-year anniversary on this blog, and it saddens me that half of this one year hasn’t been active in the way a blog should be. I guess I took a break from it, though. This last half year has been, well, filled with experiences, feelings, change and in some way growth, actually. For the first time in my life I kind of feel like I’m going somewhere (only personally, like financially, educationally ect I’m not moving an inch), and even admitting to this make me a little fearful, because so much can change still. I don’t want to dive deep into this right now – I feel like it’s a whole different post I’ll write once I create a overview of it myself – but I guess I just wanted to tell you guys that I’m back and I’ll try to write some more again. Mostly for myself, but also for anyone, if there is any out there, who actually concerns about my blog in some way or another. Youtubevideo-wise I don’t know where I’m going. I don’t want to make any promises, but I don’t want do mark it as a ended chapter either. The desire nor the inspiration just hasn’t been there and why do it then? If not the belief in it is present it hardly seems worth it. But as I said, it might reoccur; just like the writing did.

So. Here’s to another year filled with new feelings, visions, dreams, realisations and growth. Here’s to another year where I, hopefully, will waste more time and energy on the things that I actually care about and much less on things that, in the long run, doesn’t matter. A year that surely will consist of countless posts that’ll paint a beautiful, telling picture of the year that is yet to go by. Here’s to a much better second year.

Love Anna 











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Hey guys.

How’s your lives? Mine has, unfortunately, gone back to reality. In every meaning of the word – reality has hit me like the stone-cold, hard rock it is. My last year in school has officially started and I’ve not even been here in a week and I’m tired. Luckily, I got to spent a week in Greece on the island Corfu before going home for the weekdays and thank god for that! I had an amazing time and a memorable one as well, since this might have been the last vacation I got to go on with my family for a long time. It’s weird how a period of my life is slowly coming to an end. Soon I’ll be an adult and it scares me so much. Anyhow, unfortunately I actually didn’t take many pictures on this vacation, but I’m slowly starting on the video, so you’ll get some pictures there as well. I won’t make this post long. Basically, Corfu was a nice place. Very reliant on tourism which basically means that every town is overgrown with tourist shops, cocktailbars and restaurants. Living there isn’t very expensive and some of the towns seemed very fun, especially if you are young, so I would like returning once with my friends to hang at the beach and party-harty.

Anyway, I’m sorry the post is so short, I’ll add some more info when the video posts.

Love, Anna


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Skærmbillede 2016-06-18 kl. 22.57.30Skærmbillede 2016-06-18 kl. 22.57.20

I know, I’m a terrible blogger and lets not even begin on the whole youtuber thing. I’m so bad at posting regularly, but to be honest I haven’t felt that inspired lately. I haven’t felt the writing vibe, you know. Anyway, I know that’s not a excuse; Writing is not only writing when you’re inspired, but also writing when you’re not. Or something like that. I’ve read it on tumblr once, and I thought that it was the reason I never finish a story. I simply can’t sit down and write when I don’t feel like it.

But that wasn’t actually what I wanted to write about, hence the headline. Of course I want to (FINALLY) update you on my last trip, which went to Albania. Conclusion: Super pleasantly surprised. I admit that I really didn’t know what to expect about this country. I didn’t really know anything. I knew it had something to do with communism – actually the country was almost totally cut off from the surrounding world until about 1990. I wont give you the full history class of Albania, but the history itself, is a great reason to visit the country. It’s very close and authentic compared to many other countries. One of the reasons, besides the fact that the huge historic changes happened not long ago, is that it’s not a touristgoal – yet. My friends and I had some crazy experiences based on the fact that the tourist industry is super important to the country, simply because they see it as a huge economic source in the future. This meant that we were treated unbelievably special. They really, atleast in Tirana, did so much to keep us satisfied and the people were very friendly. At one point we (my firends and I) got invited to a meeting with some kind of administration of tourism or something, where they asked us about our experiences and thoughts about Albania. These where, of course, positive.

One minus though, was that the men, not so much in Tirana as in Vlorë, had a tendency to be unpleasantly intrusive. Borderline scary, actually, but as long as you don’t walk alone, it shouldn’t be a problem. I also think part of the attention is because of the fact that, as I mentioned before, tourists are a big deal.  Nevertheless, we were treated very nicely in restaurants and bars. Everything was a totally different price range than Denmark. If I remember correctly, 100L corresponds to 6kr. Basically, we had dinner + beverage + wine for about 100-110kr. (You do the math, if you’re not from Denmark).

Albania is an incredibly beautiful country. The nature is stunning, both the beaches, the mountains and the cities, which oozes of history and cultures. It’s an amazing place for both hikers and beach-lovers and then it isn’t overcrowded with tourists, which only adds to the uniqueness of the country. Because it is unique and it is specieal and an ideal travel destination for people who’s on a budget and out for an adventure that’s a little bit unregular.

I will link my two videos as well, since I cannot post them directly anymore..









Amsterdam 2016

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I thought now was the time to write about my trip to Amsterdam. I went with my main bro Juttisha, monday the 21st of march at about 12 in the afternoon. We stayed until friday about the same time. It was a wonderful trip with a lot of fun, shopping and tourism. The first day (tuesday) we went shopping at Kalverstraat and the streets near it. If you’re like us and into all the highstreet fashion shops (because we have to go to Copenhagen to get to the really nice shops) Kalverstraat is your place. There are brands like Topshop, 21forever, Pull&bear and my personal favourite: Urban Outfitters. It is in the absolute centrum, just around Dam square, touristtraps such as Amsterdam dungeons and of course the red light district. It’s quite funny, because the first thing Juttisha and I ever saw in Amsterdam, I mean besides the Central station (really beautiful) and our airbnb home, was the red light district. We just went for a night walk and suddenly we realized where we were.We had no idea it was so easy to get around in Amsterdam! Well, we were told that you could basically walk from place to place once you were in the city center, but I didn’t quite believe it before we actually walked from place to place all day. My best advice is to walk as much as you can, because you really see most of the city on foot.

We lived in Oud West with a couple named Sam and Monique. We had rented the room through Airbnb and it was our first time trying Airbnb on our own. Conclusion: It was nice, but it were talked much more to the hosts than we though and it was kind of like actually sharing a flat with them. It’s a great way to see other parts of Amsterdam as well and maybe get to know its inhabitants a bit too. Sam made us breakfast the first morning and were very helpful when we had to find our way etc. So yeah, Airbnb highly recommendable, but maybe a little less recommendable if you’re not into the whole social thing. I’m sure you could rent a room were you don’t have to talk to the hosts, though. You know, like a whole apartment or something.

So the next day we went full tourist by first visiting the Van Gogh Museum (do it! and book your tickets from home) and going on a canal tour. Both equally as fun. On our way back from the Van Gogh Museum, we found a lovely café named Sandwiches and juices, I think…  Anyway, my point is, that on all the smaller streets, of you go explore a bit, you’ll find a bunch of nice, and vegan, cafes. We found a vegan cafe named Vegabond. If you’re a vegan you should try it! It had everything your vegan, healthy, heart desire. Wednesday evening/night we went partying. We were convinced to join a pub crawl and oh, did the night take off from there. This leads me to my next conclusion: If you like to party, Amsterdam is the place. No, actually, it really is a city that ooze of partying, drinking and smoking and I kind of like it. You smelled weed a lot of places, besides the well-known coffeeshops, which by the way are really cozy, but you have to show your ID for 2 diet cokes. It’s really weird to walk around, being able to by all sorts of things that you just can’t buy in Denmark.

Well, Thursday we welcomed the hangover by staying in until 12. Then, crazy as we are, we went to Dam square and visited the royal palace of Amsterdam. I won’t lie, it was really tough to begin with, but throughout the day, it got much better, and in the end I’m just happy that we didn’t waste a whole day just because we went drinking the evening before. By the time we went to the Amsterdam dungeons, I almost felt normal (besides being totally tired). So as you can read we actually got a lot done in the few days we spent in Amsterdam. It was an amazing trip, and I’m just so grateful and happy that I actually get to do these kind of things! I mean wow. Today (or tomorrow morning really freaking early) I’m heading to Albania for a whole week! This sounds so kinky, but I’m so blessed. And the fact that I am able to go see the world in this way makes me the happiest person – There’s really nothing I’d rather do than go do that.

Anyway, have a nice time my readers, here you have some pictures:) ❤


  • Anna