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I’m slowly getting ready for fall with all its cold, dark mornings and rainy weather.
I have to admit that it isn’t my favourite time a year, but when that’s said: I really like wearing warm, cosy
sweaters and big cardigans. My bucket list this year is crazy long, and I have no idea where
to get the money from. I just spend my last money on clothes, and two of these things have
arrived, so I though I’d show you. I love the dress (From Amazon), because it’s so cute with a big cardigan
over it, and when it gets really cold, you can put a sweater over it and make it a skirt. Wow!
The other thing is a T-shirt. It’s no secret that I love t-shirts. My fav outfit right now is a
T-shirt, some jeans and a pair of boots. I just love this one (Amazon too.) It’s very wearable, and then
it’s about cats, and I love cats! It’s a very “thick” t-shirt too, so it isn’t too cold.
(Pssst: It was really cheap too!)


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