A goodnight story.

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Kay, it’s now official: School’s back. It’s so tough! Like, school’s already a messed up place, with alot of messed up people, who I don’t even like, and well don’t like or notice me. That’s basically my life, and then you have to wake up at 6:30am to get ready, it sucks. Ofcourse It’s important with education and I have loads of nice friends too, but some days it’s just… Nahhh… 

We got a new girl in our class today! Seems real sweet! But I have to watch out for what I write, though, ’cause I’m pretty sure some of my classmates is looking at my blog, and it would be real awkward if I said something less good…. Because I’m really good as saying things without thinking first. That’s terrible, and I have a little story to share with you guys before I go to bed. 
It happened today. For starters: My sister’s having a tough time. She’s been bullied, called fat ect. and she only has a few friends, that I’m not sure she can trust. She’s been really bad, and haven’t been to school in a long time because of these girls, and some sickness ect. ect. ect. 
Well, we went for a run this evening and woops!? Who sits there? The girls. 12 years old girls sitting in a dark park at night with two guys at least 3 years older than them. Yep, it’s that type who’s making my sisters life a living hell. F-ing 12 years old. What happened to the world? I still watched disney when I was 12 years old, but then again. I still like a good disney movie. 
Anyway. Tired and annoyed of always hearing how bad it’s going for my sis, and hearing her cry and reading notes with mean stuff on them and constantly having to feel fat because she says she’s fat, really made me mad, and I kinda just let out that anger by calling them skanks. Uhmm… I didn’t mean too! I really didn’t mean to! I don’t like causing problems: I’m more of the sitting over at the corner, not really talking kinda type, but I think I was just tired and that well… Came out. 
I felt good about it for about 5 minutes, and then reality hit me. What were they gonna do to my sis and so on? Luckly one of the girls, the sweetest of them who I actually like, asked Alma (sis) what just happened and then I got the chance to explain myself, which made it all better. Phew.
And what’s to learn from that little night-story, dear readers, is that you really should think before you speak. It affects others, and it affects a confrontation-scared person like me too. Because I don’t wanna get in no trouble. Trouble’s overrated. Might as well accept eachother and live in peace. 
And with these words, I’ll say goodnight. Another freaking day tomorrow.. ARH! 

x Anna


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