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Hey guys!
Hows you? I’m good, absolutely fine. I don’t really know what to write. I’ve just finished my german essay, – which, I’m sure, didn’t went well. The amount of homework right now is crazy right now! It’s so stressing. Fortunately I’m going to Rome next week. WUHUU!!! 
Ofcourse I’ll be posting pics and stuff, and it’ll be on the day I’ve taken them, if my parents let me bring my computer. If they don’t. Well, I wont. I’m so exited. This year and 2014 is gonna be fantastic! I’ve already been to Croatia, Germany and Norway (twice), I’ve got a macbook, I’ve got a blog, and now I’m going to Rome. I’m probably going to England, London in the spring, and I’m going on skiing holiday just after new year ( Unless I’m really unlucky and my dad can’t change the date). Me and Julie is also dreaming of going to Berlin together, but who knows? Maybe next summer. This is amazing, and I can’t wait to share everything with you! This thursday Pieces opens in my town, and I’m gonna see if I can be fast enough to grab one of the bags, which only costs 50kr (5,8 pounds)! It costed about 115 pounds before, but it’s only the 75 first people in the store who’ll get it. I. Need. It haha! Unfortunatly I’m at school there, so crossed fingers that it’ll still be there, when I can get down there. 


Avallons’y, or something. xx (there’s still some doctor who in me)


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I just want to live life and write about it


  1. Wow! I love your life! Love the skiing and traveling thing. Keep us posted,also if you can put some pics too,it will be great! Were excited to read bout your life.. : )

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