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Kay, guys. I’m sorry. My dad has forbidden me to bring my computer to Rome, so the blog’ll be quiet for the next week. It’s really annoying, but on the other side it’s probably good enough, ’cause I tend to forget things really often. When I get home, I’ll post everything about my trip. – Loads of pictures haha. Otherwise the only way to post in here is through iPad and mobile, and I hate that. They’re so bad to write on! So probably not any post, besides some quickies, or a pic taken from my phone. 
Ofcourse you could follow my instagram, Anna_e_buhl. I’m basically on that 24/7… Sadly… I have no life. 
And please forgive for that pic. Though I’d show you how mad I was in a facial expression, didn’t end up that good, but anyway… 
Do you guys know any fancy coffeeshops or any cheap (but good) restaurants in Rome? Any fun, little shops? Then please tell me, I could use some advice! 

OH, and a late happy halloween! It isn’t a big thing in Denmark. I wish it were, though. 


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