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I’m baaacckk (said in a Elyar Fox voice) and it has been the most amazing trip. Like WOW! I think I’m gonna live in Rome some day; That’s how much I loved that place. It was so beautiful and I just loved the feeling it gave me, when I was there. The first night, me and my friends took a night walk in the city, and I feel absolutely in love. In one day! And that have only happened to me one time before… More about that story, a day I feel like writing about it. Anyway, my goal was basically to use all my money, and well, I did that. Here’s what I bought, besides food, macarons and cola of course!


When I found this is some store the last day, I just had to have it. I’ve heard so much about it and I’ve seen it everywhere on we heart it , tumblr and instagram, and I thought: Better try it and be a bit tumblr. – It’s really good btw


I spend most of my money in ”Kiko,” which is a really cheap makeup store. I had been looking for a pink lip stick for quite a while and POOF! There it was. I just love how it can quick up an outfit, and do everything a bit more ”exiting” haha



Two lipliners, that I needed. They’re red and pink btw


Two eyeliners, both black. I only had white and brown, but not anymoreeee. A berrie-red lipstick. Sometimes a really red lipstick can be to much, and I just thought that this color was amazing for fall!


A cute, pink blush from Essence



And another black dress to add to my collection of black dresses. Just loved it, and I love the bottom which is very modern right now. Besides that, it just fit me and my body-type very well, and made me feel really smexy haha.



And the crown jewel of my buys this week. Naked palette 2 from Urban decay! I’ve been wanting this for soo loooong. I mean, these colors are the colors you’d use to describe me. They’re so prettyyyy.


Primer from Kiko. The green color helps the red colors in your face to disappear and evens your skin. Wuhuuu!



Hand cream from The body shop. Winter comes soon and my hands need help to stay soft. This’ll do!





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