Mean girls

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Hey everybody! Sorry I’m not that active lately, haven’t really had anything to post about. Kinda have now. 
It’s awesome that I can both share pics of one of my fav movies (mean girls, btw. If you were from another planet or something) Just wanted to let ya’ll know that there is mean girls, just. like. Regina. So please be a Cady. Not more Reginas, even though she’s funny. She isn’t in real life… 
This post just came to me after running up to my lil sister crying today, because of a (much less pretty) Regina, making it sound like she was the bad one. Sending mean notes to herself and stuff. I mean: Who would do that? That’s so not fetch! 
Anyway, just wanted to tell you that I don’t respect Reginas, so if you’re a Regina please get out of my blog, thanks. 




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