Nümph, grades and plans

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Me, my mum and my sister went for a quick walk at our mall, and as always, my mum couldn’t leave without buying something. That’s how I know I’m related to her, ’cause I can’t either. Well, I got a nice sweater from Nümph on sale, and I really love it! I’ve been missing some sweaters, and this one is so pretty and wearable. Then I got a pair of mittens also from Nümph, on sale too. It’s amazing how much you can actually save in sales. They’re nice and warm and has a cool, easy to use color, so I love them too. The last thing I got was this really cheap lipstick, that I basically bought for a photoshoot (probably) tonight. It’s this really nice, barbie-ish pink color. Planning to make a photoshoot kinda inspired by one of Miley cyrus’. But I really have a lot of ideas and plans for photos right now, so I have a lot to do. Yay! Planning to get a stronger dip dye too, but more about that later. 


Today hasn’t been all good, though. Grades arrived and basically they sucked. What the heck happened? I don’t know the rest of the worlds grade-system, but in denmark it’s like -3 (You totally hit bottom) 0.0 (NO GOOD) 0.2 (You sucked, but didn’t dump), 4 (Okay, medium in the bad end) 7 (You’re ok, medium good end) 10 (That’s nice) 12 ( The best.) 

Well, I got 4 in danish-speaking.. You know, how much you say during the lesson, and that’s basically bullshit. I’m not 4, i’m seven. It’s unfair, I don’t say that little. Only this week, and that’s because I’m depressed i’m not in goddamn Rome anymore… I’m angry, and sad and I basically get the feeling that either my teachers don’t like me or that this just isn’t my month. Sucking grade after grade, man. Ofcourse, I got one 12, but I’d rather have no 12 and more 7 and 10. ARGG; stupid teachers. Stupid school. Let’s count on something with fashion, writing and traveling, who needs math for that, anyway. Ofcourse I’m gonna try more, I want at least 7.

Well, that’s basically it for today. 




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