christmas and new year

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Ready for christmas? 
I AM! 

But isn’t it weird, that in two days, the thing I’ve been waiting for, for a month or so, is over? Sounding very old saying it, I think that time goes very fast. It feels like yesterday I turned 15, went to Croatia and started in ninth grade. Now i’m half way through my last year at my school. It’s so weird. And a bit sad, but I kinda look forward to try something new. 2014 is going to be an awesome year!
I’m going to start my very own tradition, where I throughout the year writes all the things I want and wishes, on some papers and put them in a jaw, and then, when the clock strikes 12, or at the first day in 2014, I’ll get rid of them (Burn them, throw them in the wind, something deep and meaning full haha) to symbolize a new start, and a new year where I can either make those wishes come true or change them. 

Isn’t that deep? I think so?

What’s your dream for the new year? 


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