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Hey guys!
I’m sorry I haven’t been very active.. (Again) I don’t really have a excuse.. Well, 2014 has started!!!! Woaahh, I hope it’ll be a good year. I really hope it won’t be another one of these standard years, where you don’t remember half of it. Don’t think It’ll be, though. Going to start in high school. That’s the biggest thing this year. There’s exams. I’m turning 16, don’t know why that’s a big deal. Probably going to London with one of my best friends. I seriously hope this’ll be the year I get a boyfriend. I really, really HOPE! If I don’t get a boyfriend when I start in high school, I don’t know when haha. Just think I need a new start, where I get a chance to change my “reputation” (not that I have any, think I’m pretty anonymous) Well, I’m exited. Isn’t it fun to think about how much may have changed next new years eve? Crazyyy!
Now the vacations over, and school starts again. I could cry. It’s terrible, but at least there’s weekend tomorrow. And ayyyy, the sale has begun and I’ve already bought quite a lot of stuff, that I’ll show you later, but I really don’t feel like finding my camera right now. Anyway, here’s some pictures from my new years eve!




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