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Hey everyone!

So hello again, how are you? I’m really, really tired; It’s sunday, and I don’t want to go to school tomorrow.
My friends and I participated in a fund-raising for danish fugitives help too, today. We had a route given to us and then we had to knock on every door on that route, to ask for support. It was quite transcendent at first, but we got used to it by the second apartment building – and yes, our route was an apartment neighborhood… The amount of stairs we’ve climbed today is extraordinary, I swear.
Being totally honest, we didn’t really feel like doing it, and we complained pretty much all the way down to sign in, but when we got to it – it wasn’t that bad. And you feel good about yourself – kinda. It was nice talking while walking and laughing as the door got smashed in your face. Because people tend to do that; Just close the door before you’ve barely stopped talking, and it was actually amusing whenever it happened or whenever we knew that somebody was home, but they didn’t open the door.
Ofcourse nothing warmed up my little heart as much as when a nice, friendly person opened up the door and wanted to support us. Unfortunately that wasn’t many compared to the doors we had to knock on, but we ended up having raised 537 danish crowns. – That’s quite good, you know. I just don’t get why people have to be so goddamn rude all the time, it’s just as easy just to say no in a nice way.

So that’s what I did this sunday. I just thought I’d tell you now that it’s been quite a while since I’ve written last. I hope you’re good, and survive yet another week of school. – I’m sure mine’s going to be exiting and probably a bit heartbreaking too (I’ll tell you more about that later)

– Anna


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