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I feel like this is such a cheesy post. Such a cheesy, cheesy, cheeessyyyy post, but can all girls just agree on the fact that we just don’t get boys. I bet that boys don’t get girls either, and that is fully understandable, we’re some confusing things, but weren’t boys like… Supposed to be the uncomplicated ones? I don’t know, maybe I’ve misunderstood the whole pattern of life here.
I’m quite new in this whole boy-meets-girl thing, I guess you can tell. To me it’s nothing but confusing, and I wonder if that out there – some fine place, is a lovely uncomplicated guy waiting…
Personally, I think that those bloody romantic movies has ruined my expectations. They’re like sky-freaking-high. But who was I to know that you don’t just go to a coffee-shop alone, sit down to drink you’re coffee and some random stranger sits down to talk. Who was I to know that you don’t just randomly bump into a dude and suddenly a new thing starts and who was I to know that you don’t just walk around in some dusty record-store, see’s a guy with the exact same music taste as you and you just hid off.
It’s sad isn’t it. How those movies has put the bars way too high, but I guess that when/if you actually finds the right guy, it feel’s like one of those movies. Atleast that’s my hope.

Hmm, what really is sad, is that it has kind of led me (probably any other girl in my age) to the thought that you’re life isn’t complete; that you’re nothing, if you haven’t got a boyfriend. And as much as I want a boyfriend, I really ficking do, I can’t just fall in love with the first boy who shows me interest. I’m too damn secure for that, and sometimes I wish it was just like those goddamn romantic movies, where you fall head-over-heels for some guy you’ve just met. I wonder if that actually do happen. If you just know. It would be quite amazing, wouldn’t it, though? I long for love, guys. I long for something simple, pure, beautiful and unbelievably real. Sometimes I wonder if that’ll ever happen to me. I know I won’t meet a Mark Darcy, as much as I want to (santa, please), but could I just fall in love for once? And then be loved back (Santa, pleaaassee) Until now, I’ve had nothing, but a few flirt things. I’m not even sure you can call them flirts. They just lack the simplicity, the respect, the depth.. I don’t know, I’m a sucker. ( I sincerely hope you didn’t get that wrong, ya nasty buggers, because nope, I am not)…

I could talk loads about this, children, but the importance is that I sure hope you find some kind of real love. If even just for a couple of months. What I’m pretty sure of is, and this is the basics, is that you should never doubt or wonder or question what you and a guy is. That can’t be right, can it? Nope, look at it this way: Either you’re a thing, or you’re not. That would make things much easier. Now I just need to remember that rule too, because there’s a difference in loving the attention and actually falling in love. It might be hard to tell the difference, but I guess you just know.

Until then, it’s nothing but pure disappointment, at least it is to me.


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