Christmas break!

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Hi guys!

Merry christmaaaassss! Wow, it’s nearly christmas. Please don’t judge me, but I don’t feel much christmas-y this year, and it’s pretty sad, because I absolutely adore December, just not this year. Maybe it’s the lack of snow or just the fact that so much has been happening lately, I don’t know, but it’s different. That, of course, doesn’t stop me in celebrating christmas early with my closest friends, and what better time to do so, than the day christmas break officially starts? We’ve been having a rough couple of weeks, because of exams, parties, homework and plans. – Now it’s finally time to sit back down, relax, eat some soul food and enjoy what’s left of 2014, which probably has been the shortest year in the history of years I’ve lived through (which is 16, remind me to change my about page).

At this pre-christmas party we chatted, drank hot chocolate, ate all kinds of delicious stuff, traded presents. I’ve got a good start on the presents this year, I’ll tell you that, but of course that’s not what it’s all about a haha.

no, no. Well, I wish you all a very merry christmas with everything a christmas should contain. Be nice and everything, make santa proud. I’ll write some more soon.

Goodnight xx



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