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IMG_1655So hi readers

How are you doing?

I’ve just started in school again after a lovely vacation that were spent in Austria (therefore the title). As you’ve probably guessed, we were skiing and I’ve got to be brutally honest; If you 1) have not skied 2) do not like skiing, you’re missing out or you’re plain weird. I adore it.
Basically this is going to be yet another post where I show you some of the pictures of my trip, but c’mon, if you haven’t already realized that that’s basically what I do, then you don’t read my blog enough (please read my blog haha)

What I really, really enjoy about skiing is that you spent so much time outside in the most wonderful nature. You move and use your body the whole day through and actually, skiing is one of the best training methods. Yea, it’s fun and it’s healthy. Plus, being outside in the fresh air, and I mean really fresh air not like kinda-fresh-city-air, does miracles on your skin. The only bad thing is the injuries, but just ski safely and wear a helmet.

When I was up in the mountains the first couple of days, there weren’t many tourists yet, I really noticed the silence. It was completely silent, in a way that is so much more silent then when you normally think it’s silent. If that makes sense.
It was like the silence just filled the air, it was noisy and it was amazing. I’m not sure you know what I*m talking about before you’ve tried it, but it just makes everything feel lighter, more beautiful and more relaxed somehow. I think that I could sit down and spent hours up there sitting in a pile of snow looking over the incredible landscape that is Austria’s mountains. I did so too, but then my sister came and then it was kind of ruined. Anyway, I was just breath taken by it all, because usually i’m there with this big group of (amazing) people, but a group of people isn’t quiet, so I didn’t notice and the other years I just didn’t think about stuff like that. I do now, and I really think that if you slow down and maybe sometimes just listen to that silence, especially if you a place like that, you’ll appreciate it. You’ll appreciate everything a little more, actually, and that my friends, might be the key to a happy life. Haha. So take it slow, go up the mountains (alone) and just watch everything in the nature not doing anything at all, and then maybe think about how you never do anything at all. Even when you’re bored you do something, right? Look at your screen, read, eat, look at another screen. That is the truth and that is a truth that I don’t want to be the truth. Luckily my phone’s broke so it’s not a very large issue for me right now.

I got a little out of the subject there. Here’s some of the pictures!













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