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 So this is my second food-post in a row. Wow. Well, I’m just gonna start. If you haven’t already found out due to the amazing catchphrase I’ve used as a title, I’m just gonna tell you now: I wanted to use some coconut in my dishes, since I’ve never really done that before. Well, I’ve just begun to refer to what I eat as my dishes, but even before that, I never really ate coconut or anything coconut-based, which is a mistake because coconut is actually a fine source of vitamin c (especially coconut water from green coconuts!) and it’s filled with fibers.

For breakfast I made a porridge of oatmeal and almond milk. I also added some dried cranberry and some flaxseed to the porridge too and of course some roughly chopped coconut flour. When finished I poured it over in a plate and topped it with fresh blueberries, almonds and coconut sugar. It was delicious.

Later I though that I’d use coconut water for something. Honestly, I’ve never liked coconut water, it just doesn’t taste good, but I thought I’d mix it up somehow. Then I thought, why not a smoothie.

So I went to buy coconut water and frozen strawberries ( the rest I already had at home)

The smoothie was created simply by throwing the frozen strawberries ( a bag), coconut water (500ml), a banana (1, but should probably have been 2), some ginger (2 slices) and some beetroot ( about a quarter or a tiny half) in the blender. Who says a green smoothie has to be green, right? I though I’d add some beetroot 1) because it’s crazy good for you 2) Greens in the morning, darlings 3) it gave it a pretty pink-red-ish color!


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