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Hi guys

So, short post about my friday, Which was spent with my lovely ladies back from Sct ib. (Sct Ib is my old School). We went to the final rehearsel on Sct ib’s musical Charlie, but first we went to gran, which is a nice café om Horsens. I, personally, ordered a delicious slow juice. A slow juice is a of pressed fruits and vegetables, nothing Else. Then we went to buy some flowers for our friend who takes part in the musical. 

Charlie was good. It was so fun to be back in the Well-known rooms and to see some old, Well-known faces haha. Eventhough you’ve moved on, you sorta miss it anyway, dont you? It is ten years of my life that runs around in the old class – and – showrooms of that school.




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    What i did yesterday! Just wanted to share, and since my girl made a post i just wanted to reblog it! enjoy ❤

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