there’s life in my window, oh and liebster awards.

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herbs / liebster awards

plants are friends

Skærmbillede 2015-03-04 kl. 18.03.35So how are you doing?

This is actually a weird mix-up of two posts that I’ve wanted to write lately. It’s just that the fact that I’ve got plants in my window isn’t enough if you want to write a whole blog-post. It’s a couple of lines.

Well, my eat pretty lifestyle book suggested that when it’s spring, you should plant something and watch it grow to symbolize new beginnings and since I’ve always wanted to plant herbs, I thought that it was time. So now I’ve got herbs in my window. Unfortunately i think that one of them is dead, but the other two is growing so it’s marvelous. It’s actually quite nice to see something develop through the spring. It’s very poetic and then you’ll end up with nice, home-grown herbs for your smoothies and food. Win win!

On Facebook i’m a member of this group called “young bloggers”. This nice girl Pauline wrote a post about a thing called Liebster awards that is a way to chain blogs together, so you’ll know more blogs and promote your own. Another win-win. I am going to answer some questions in a moment and then I’ll find some blogs that I can nominate and then those nominated blogs will get some other questions that they’re supposed to answer. So it goes on and on. Let’s get going.

Facts about me: 

I’m super discreet (not when it comes to whispering or gossiping, I suck at that)

I have a lot of conversations with myself

I absolutely adore traveling, but it has to be exiting trips, not pool-trips that bore me.

I write.

If you’re a tall british guy with dark curls, humor and wisdom who plays a instrument, especially a classic one like violin,( I am quoting my mum, she knows me well) I’m in love. I swear.

My dream is to live in London/Brighton in a nice apartment with a cat, my boyfriend, a café downstairs and herbs in my window. I’ll be an author or I’ll have my own café where we serve raw, organic, healthy smoothies, juices and sandwiches!

My questions: 

1.What is your favorite day of the week?

Friday because the tough part of the week’s over and it’s on friday the good parties are. 

2.What color do you see when you close your eyes?

If I’ve closed them long enough it get’s kind of orange greeny

3. When is your birth month?

May, baby

4. Cake or cupcakes?

uh, raw cake. 

5. Chocolate or vanilla?

damn, eeh,  chocolate I think, but it’s tough

6. What’s your favorite movie?

I’ve got many. Dead poets society is a masterpiece of course. 

7. Skydiving or ziplining?

I’ve always wanted to skydive! But I bet zip lining’s fun too

8. What’s your favorite lip color?


9. What style do you wish you could wear most but still haven’t tried (any style, clothes, hair, makeup whatever)

I would love to pull of a shoulder-length, curled bob, but my hair’s too straight :(. I also wish I had the courage to pull of heels in school. 

10. Massage or facial?

facial, I think to be massaged by a stranger is a bit weird.

11. Sweet or savory?

It depends.. 

So, I’ll write my nominees and their questions in another blog post, I have to come up with some questions and some nominees haha! If you want to be a nominee please write a comment that says so and you’re in!

Love always,



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I just want to live life and write about it

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