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scarlet pleasure babeSkærmbillede 2015-03-04 kl. 18.03.35How are you doing? What I’m about the write about, actually happened a while ago, but I haven’t had the time to sit down and write about this all in all amazing experience before now. We ( me and my friends) went to our first concert in Kulisselageret, which basically is this little, intimate concert place. – It’s so cool. I don’t have much else to write besides the fact that we went to a Scarlet Pleasure gig and they. were. sexy. That is the only word that  describe them and their music. Sexy. I swear! Take a listen yourself: Scarlet

Other than that, I’ll post some pictures below. That’s it!

Goodbye for nooowww

Billede 21-03-15 20.26.57Billede 21-03-15 22.20.34Billede 21-03-15 22.02.19

Billede 21-03-15 22.48.59


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