… And the sun shone at last

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Skærmbillede 2015-03-04 kl. 18.03.35Every year, when it turns fall, I seem to forget just how amazing it is, when spring returns. I walk around all winter in the brown and grey tones, in some kind of haze, where I get totally consumed by big, thick sweaters, paler skin (yes, I do get paler) and less motivation. All this rain and snow and the short, dark days, seems to wash away every last trace of summer. This makes every spring and the first traces of the returning sun unexplainable lovely. I can’t even begin to describe my feelings when it for the first time this year, smelled of freshly cut grass or rain on warm asphalt. Or when I could walk to the tiny grocery store near my house in the “burning” sun without a jacket or when I could sit outside on a blanket, reading my book (never let me go, by the way.) or when I could cycle around, and finally feeling air running through my hair that isn’t totally icy.

It’s weird how I can forget all these amazing things. When they return, I feel like thousand of memories clash into one another inside my head, and finds their way back into the light. It’s like winter hides away all these feeling and memories so that each year, they’ll be just as enjoyable as they were the summer before. It’s a bigger plan, I guess. Just like when it turns winter and the first snow has fallen and you once again can feel the cracking noise of snow beneath your winter boots or when you see the thousand colours of christmas lights or when you feel the fresh air and the silence in the mountains on your annual ski-vacation.

It’s all these little things that matter so much. These little scents and feelings are connected to things much, much more important to me and in the end you should just sit down and be grateful because who knows? It might not be like this next year. And I promise you, if you don’t enjoy it while it’s here, you’ll find yourself missing it so terribly if it ever vanishes.

And that my friends, were my joy of seasons! Love Anna




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