Travelling in the World of Emotion

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This is a repost from one of my earlier blog entries. I just wanted to re share it with everyone. Sense it’s original publication this piece has also been featured nationwide in the Adventure World Magazine, and was my first officially published work. So enjoy.


Traveling is a journey through and through. When a trip is conceived it sparks a dream. A dream that leads to adventure, full of hope, fear, adventure, doubt, and many other emotions. A  trip that slowly starts to fill your existence. You pursue ideas, and get bogged down in research to some far away land your heading to. Trying to get a preemptive taste of what it may be like, looking at pictures of local scenery and already falling in love. 


Adventure is that gal who grabs you and throws you over her shoulder and takes you somewhere you never expected to go…

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I just want to live life and write about it

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