You are not free until you have no need to impress anybody

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Hello everyone! It’s been a while, haven’t it? Today I just sat down with a feeling that I should write a post, so here I am. I’m just going to write something I’ve been thinking about, this evening. It was something that my sister said on the way to the grocery store, that really got me baffled. She said that she couldn’t speak – she couldn’t take part in the conversation with most of the people in her class, because they simply wasn’t on the same wavelength. And because of that she’d been stigmatised a snob apparently, or shy. I just saw myself in that pronouncement, though I have not the slightest idea of what people label me as, but I know they do, because I am very different depending on who I’m talking with – just like my sister, and I thought to myself, that’s just how it is – being shy. But not overly shy, in the way people just know that that’s what you are, but in a more downplayed version where you’re actually just astoundingly scared to fail in whatever you do. It’s so super important to me, how I seem to others that it’s crazy. Somehow I feel like that often comes of as if you think you’re better as everyone else, when actually, you feel much worse than the rest.

I just felt like you guys knowing.

It’s a thing that makes a person really cautious, and really sort of locked out, because all you really want it to fit in and well, hence the name of this post, impress. You want to wow everybody – and you could, but you don’t dare because of you cautiousness. That’s why I chose this quote as my headline.

I am not free as long as I am scared to show people my youtube, show people my blog, show people who I really am and stand in for that person. Everyone should do that, without being ashamed, unless you’re a mean person, then please stop being that. But otherwise, shouldn’t we help each other? Urge each other to be just who we are.

Be proud, and stop needing to impress, because you are truly not free when you have to flash everything on IG and in the faces of everyone else. This goes to me too.

And with that said, goodnight. ( This is my second post tonight, wow)


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