Let’s talk about fuck boys

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This post is mainly going to be for the ladies reading this blog, merely of that simple reason, that I am, in fact, writing this as a lady myself, and therefor won’t be able to see this from a manly perspective. ( I am well-aware, though, that what I am about to describe is also possible for a man to experience – just so we’ve got that settled) Now, let’s cut to the case.

How many of you has been or has been about to be used by a man, only for your body?

I am talking about the very mentioned, new noun: Fuck Boy. As I see it, it’s a classic bad boy, who just fucks around – here of comes the name fuck boy. Basically just a bad boy with a new, less charming, name. It really isn’t a pretty name, can we just agree on that? But of course it isn’t a very pretty occupation either, so the name pretty much sums up the whole thing. By now you can probably tell where I stand in terms of fuckboys. I don’t like them; I don’t find them hot. In fact I find them quite repulsive   – or at least one of the types, because I think that you can divide fuckboys into two smaller types of fuckboys. Let me explain.

  1. The ones that go from chick to chick, where both parts are equally aware of what kind of person he is, and where the girl is totally fine with this being a one night stand. This is the dude who just likes having sex. No string attached, and hands down; that’s just fine. ( I can even find the perks in this guy!)
  2. This is the bugger. This is the one who should really rethink everything, because I have no idea what he’s thinking. This guy also travels from girl to girl, but the great, unbelievable difference is that the parts are not equally aware. He likes to play games. That sounds nasty, but it does seem to me, that everything is a game to him. He leads girls on, sweet talk them, sugar coat them, and then as soon as he gets what he wants BAM he’s on the the next one. He sees girls as toys. What really sets my flame, though, is that he is so overly confident – thinking he can get any girl he wants just by saying and doing the right things. It angers my inner feminist. Thinking women are just some thing you can play around with, break and put down whenever you don’t feel like playing anymore. And thinking that everything women need is a little attention from a man and then they’re ready to to about anything for you. Sorry to pop this for you, but that’s messed up, and the girls that fall for this; I feel bad for them, because they won’t know better before it’s too late, and then they’ve learnt, and then they know what everything’s about. Like my friend, Julie puts it, guys like this take away the naivety of a young girl, and I bet that everything in this world just turns a little bit more grey because she now knows, that someone will use her like that.

Now that I’ve enlightened you in my thoughts, let’s move on to the biggest difference, with a big, fat line beneath difference, between these two types. The difference is


To me, respect is the most important thing in every matter. I mean marriage? Respect. Boyfriend – girlfriend relationship? Respect. Friendship? Respect. Making your own choices? People should respect and deal with that, otherwise they have no place in your life. I see no respect in a relationship with a fuckboy. Worst case scenario – he sees you as a victim. A poor little girl who is in need of love, and he won’t even give it to you. The difference here is, that if you were a poor little girl in need of love, who actually met a decent guy, he’d accept and respect that. Can’t you see it? If a person doesn’t respect you, it’s never going to be something good. Another worst case scenario: It’ll just eat you up, until you think that you are not worth the respect. Tear you down, even, and let’s not let that happen. You are worth so much more.

What made me write this post? Simple the fact that I’ve made the acquaintance of several fuckboys these last couple of years, and I’ve seen what they’ve done, and I’ve even felt what they do. Or, I’ve felt that strange seduction that knowing he’s a fuckboy makes you feel. That was of course, until I realised just how many girls he’d been with and when I had the honor of him sending me an unbelievably sexist message. And I mean honor, because damn did he make me realise some things about honor. He had non, let me put it that way.
I’ve even made the acquaintance of one or two fuckboys, who were actually targeting young girls who are virgins. Because they like to pop their cherry and then move along. Isn’t that twisted? Isn’t that wrong? Isn’t that disrespectful? This needs to be broad to daylight, because I don’t think that girls should give their virginity, or just their bodies, unwillingly or without knowing what they’re getting themselves into. One thing is popping your cherry to some random guy at a bar – peace to that, but if you’re without knowing it, giving it up to some fuckboy, and you where hoping this was love, then it’s not okay. Equal awareness everyone.

love, Anna.


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