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2015-10-12 17.44.21

 Hey guys! I hope you’re doing fine. At this very moment I’m uploading a new youtube video about, guess what, Berlin, and while I worked with this vlog, I thought to myself, that I’d like these two (WordPress and Youtube) to be synced. You’re probably wondering what I’m talking about. What I mean is, that at the moment, I find it quite hard to balance both youtube and blogging, and as everyone who’s ever tried to make a video now, it requires loads of time, so I’ve been leaving blogging a bit lately, which is stupid, because writing is truly my call. I’ve also been struggling a bit with how I want my travel-videos to be. Because I love making these forms of montages with some good music, but I would like to also give my viewers some decent travel advices, because honestly, what good does it give you guys to watch what I’ve been doing at my vacation? You don’t even know what the places I’ve been at is named. – This is what I’m going to change. From now on, I’ll write a blog post to every single possible video I’ll be making. Starting now.

I went to Berlin this week with my mum and my sister. It was a short trip, but well, short trips are just as good as long trips, can we agree on that? We stayed in a nice little studio-apartment in Prenzlauer berg, which is the southern/northern part of the citycenter. Firstly, I can recommend you to stay in this area because it’s very unique. This is what used to be East Berlin, before the wall fell in 1992 (this is a nice thing to see, if you’re staying in Berlin), which of course already adds tons of historical value to this part of the city. You can practically see the difference between the two sides, and merely on the buildings, you can sense the history. It’s also very colourful and somehow artistic. No lying, this is (one of the) artistic areas of Berlin, filled with streetart, cafés, music: Just a really nice vibe, that I also happen to adore when it comes to taking pictures! Those streetvibes… Anyway, this is my favourite place to be.

Another thing we did was using Airbnb to find a place to stay. I think this is a much better way to stay in different parts of the world – and you can find some really cheap places too, especially if you’re travelling alone. That is really cheap, but it’s also cheap if you’re more people, because then you just split the price, it isn’t pr. person. It is also a great way to meet people from other cities/countries, but of course that’s mostly if you’re staying at their flat, and not renting a whole apartment like us.

I’m kinda new at this whole travel advice thing, so please forgive me when I tell you, that I’ve totally forgotten the name of the places we ate, which were really good. I’ll remember to write them down on my next trips. My advice is, though, that when in Berlin, if you like that kind of thing, go Vegan/bio hunting. Berlin is filled with funny Bio markets, amazing grocery stores and vegan cafés! So just go on adventures, with a lot of pocket money. The grocery store that ended up as our favourite was a place called “Kaiser”. As our host put it:” It’s a bit more expensive, but the selection is much better! I mean, they have millions of choices while I’m used to having ten, it’s awesome.  If you have less pocket money, stay in Prenzlauer Berg and take a look in all the second hand stores, where you can find a bunch of treasures, for a lot less money.. Or the vinyl stores! The possibilities are endless.

Just enjoy the city, because it really is amazing!



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