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As I told you last time I wrote I’m going to link my youtube and my blog together as much as possible, and now this is me doing it! So I’ve just uploaded my second (!) makeup video on my youtube, which is a thing I never thought I’d do, because honestly I suck at make-up, but anyway. So I decided to push this little post ’till I had posted the second one, because I’d rather write about makeup, when I was done filming make-up related things (at least for the moment). I am now, so here it is.

So what is make-up. You know, some would call it superficial – so would I a couple of years ago (1 and a half year ago probably) – and now my view on this has changed. I do still think that there is tons of other stuff, that ought to be talked about half as much as make-up is mentioned on the social media, but I’ve also come to realise that wanting to create something unique and meaningful, while gaining viewers/readers at the same time is incredibly hard, when you have to post regularly. And so did I do the thing that I never though I’d do 1 and a half year ago. I made not one, but two toturials.

I was wrongly thinking that it was superficial – that girls (and boys for that matter) should talk about more important things and urge each other do something else than just looking good. And though I do have a point, and a goal to encourage you guys to focus more on the creativity and the talent that you have, I would also like to encourage you to do exactly what makes you feel good. People have some delusional view on girls who wear loads of make-up, or just make-up in general. The first word that comes to mind is superficial, but also floozie. People have a erroneous tendency to judge girls who wears a lot of make-up, and I did so myself, until I one cold, harsh autumn month, developed some severe acne. Those first couple of months were really strenuous. They involved loads of feeling ugly and loads of sadness, and I do not want to go back to that. With a chance of actually sounding a bit superficial, how you feel about how you look, has loads and loads to do with how you feel mentally. That is why I love make-up. Hell, I adore it, because from the moment that I actually discovered the wonders a good concealer, a good powder or a good foundation can do, I had a chance to not feel ugly whenever I sat among my friends in school or whenever I was walking around in the city, and though my self-esteem is not peaking, I do feel better. Much better, and I want to encourage everyone to do so. Work on your outside until you are satisfied, because I’m sure that you can’t work on your inside until you are content with yourself.

This is why I’m so tired of people blaming girls for the amount of make-up she wears. What are you supposed to do in this world? You don’t know how they feel when they put on make-up. They might do it just for fun; they definitely do it because they think it’s pretty, isn’t that reason enough? They could be doing it because they gain confidence that way, and because they feel good and feel like they can face the day. Now some would say, that “they’re beautiful without make-up, they maybe even look better without it” and then I would say that that is an incredibly ignorant comment, because it doesn’t matter what you think. What matters is what makes a person feel good and what makes a person feel right and ready to take on whatever comes their way. I couldn’t care less about how much foundation that takes, as long as their happy. And what saddens me the most is that even if the girl is wearing no make-up, people’ll still talk. So I’d like to embolden you to go out there and take on the world with whatever makes you feel amazing.


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