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Hey guys!

I just realized that I haven’t even posted anything from my trip to Austria. You must be so annoyed with me! I’m really sorry – I should do better than this, but now it’s all distant, and I can’t really do anything, but tell you guys that the video is on Youtube quite soon. Yeah, I just have to finish it, which I haven’t really done yet either.

It’s actually really annoying, because here I was, thinking that I was about to write about my Amsterdam-trip and then my WordPress opens up on this. Anyway, I’ll try to write a bit about Austria instead. I’ll start by saying that it was an amazing vacation. Or well, everything involving skiing is amazing to me, but weather-wise it wasn’t that good. We had a couple of good – okay – ish days, but about 2 days weren’t great. Especially one day, I can’t remember the date, was really bad. It was so unbelievably foggy, that you can’t imagine what it was like skiing. You could see less than 5 meters in front of you. I wont lie. It was kind of exiting and fun too, except the fact that you kept falling, because you thought you were moving when you were standing still. Isn’t that crazy? I fell like 5+ times. The rest of the days, besides one where it was crazy hot and the first day were it was actually beautiful weather, it was foggy aswell. Luckily, the fog wasn’t as thick and one of the days we were even able to get beyond it. When you got above it, which was like 2000 something meters, it was the perfect skiing weather and the views were breath-taking because of the fog-cloud that rested just below the mountaintops. I just adore the combination of snow, cold and sun. Theres something about the scintillating snow covering up the mountains, the cold harshness surrounding you and the warming sun upon you face that I wont ever stop loving. Besides that, skiing is just amazing to me because you get to both spent full days outside exercising while still having fun with both yourself and the people who are with you.

If you’re ready for more in the evenings (which Julie and I weren’t because we were completely wrecked every afternoon) there’s also after-skiing. Oh, and sometimes even night-skiing. My only travel-advice about skiing-vacations, or at least destination-wise, is that if you are the party-animal, you should aim to go somewhere else then Austria. Or at least somewhere else than Kleinwalsertal and the surrounding country. It’s a bit dull, to say it lightly. Another advice for a skiing vacation is, that you should not push your luck. I swear; I even wrote it in thick writing. Unless you know what your doing or unless you at least know that you should take it slow in current situations, it’s really dangerous. That’s how I feel, anyway. I don’t mean this in a don’t-do-anything-new kind of way, because for the first time this year, I actually went off-piste, like for real and that’s when you learn things. I just think it’s a good idea, to know your limits, so that you don’t hurt yourself. The worst thing about skiing/snowboarding is that you can get so, so terribly hurt. Otherwise, it’s still a good idea to push yourself sometimes if you really want to learn something. There’s a thin line between pushing yourself and plain stupidity. Anyway, I think I’m kind of out of things to say about skiing in general.

If you want to simply ski, if you are skiing with your family or if you are on a budget (which is always the case, I assume. It is with me,” Kleinwalsertal, and Austria in general, is a good place. People are really friendly, the slopes are nice and there’s something for everybody. If you’re a vegan, there is a little loss of food-choices and besides that, there’s only one proper after-ski bar. Another thing that I find a bit problematic, is that everytime we’ve went skiing there, and that’s a proper amount of years, the snow has been melting. I hate the lack of snow because to me, a ski-trip contains enough snow to bury yourself in it. You couldn’t this year and that’s a thing I, personally, find a bit sad. I’d rather have it very cold than very warm which is why I find Norway so nice (it’s so expensive on the other hand), but that’s a personal matter. Austria is a nice place and I could really recommend it.

I’ll post some pictures now. I hope you’ll enjoy. Have a nice evening!





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