Amsterdam 2016

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I thought now was the time to write about my trip to Amsterdam. I went with my main bro Juttisha, monday the 21st of march at about 12 in the afternoon. We stayed until friday about the same time. It was a wonderful trip with a lot of fun, shopping and tourism. The first day (tuesday) we went shopping at Kalverstraat and the streets near it. If you’re like us and into all the highstreet fashion shops (because we have to go to Copenhagen to get to the really nice shops) Kalverstraat is your place. There are brands like Topshop, 21forever, Pull&bear and my personal favourite: Urban Outfitters. It is in the absolute centrum, just around Dam square, touristtraps such as Amsterdam dungeons and of course the red light district. It’s quite funny, because the first thing Juttisha and I ever saw in Amsterdam, I mean besides the Central station (really beautiful) and our airbnb home, was the red light district. We just went for a night walk and suddenly we realized where we were.We had no idea it was so easy to get around in Amsterdam! Well, we were told that you could basically walk from place to place once you were in the city center, but I didn’t quite believe it before we actually walked from place to place all day. My best advice is to walk as much as you can, because you really see most of the city on foot.

We lived in Oud West with a couple named Sam and Monique. We had rented the room through Airbnb and it was our first time trying Airbnb on our own. Conclusion: It was nice, but it were talked much more to the hosts than we though and it was kind of like actually sharing a flat with them. It’s a great way to see other parts of Amsterdam as well and maybe get to know its inhabitants a bit too. Sam made us breakfast the first morning and were very helpful when we had to find our way etc. So yeah, Airbnb highly recommendable, but maybe a little less recommendable if you’re not into the whole social thing. I’m sure you could rent a room were you don’t have to talk to the hosts, though. You know, like a whole apartment or something.

So the next day we went full tourist by first visiting the Van Gogh Museum (do it! and book your tickets from home) and going on a canal tour. Both equally as fun. On our way back from the Van Gogh Museum, we found a lovely café named Sandwiches and juices, I think…  Anyway, my point is, that on all the smaller streets, of you go explore a bit, you’ll find a bunch of nice, and vegan, cafes. We found a vegan cafe named Vegabond. If you’re a vegan you should try it! It had everything your vegan, healthy, heart desire. Wednesday evening/night we went partying. We were convinced to join a pub crawl and oh, did the night take off from there. This leads me to my next conclusion: If you like to party, Amsterdam is the place. No, actually, it really is a city that ooze of partying, drinking and smoking and I kind of like it. You smelled weed a lot of places, besides the well-known coffeeshops, which by the way are really cozy, but you have to show your ID for 2 diet cokes. It’s really weird to walk around, being able to by all sorts of things that you just can’t buy in Denmark.

Well, Thursday we welcomed the hangover by staying in until 12. Then, crazy as we are, we went to Dam square and visited the royal palace of Amsterdam. I won’t lie, it was really tough to begin with, but throughout the day, it got much better, and in the end I’m just happy that we didn’t waste a whole day just because we went drinking the evening before. By the time we went to the Amsterdam dungeons, I almost felt normal (besides being totally tired). So as you can read we actually got a lot done in the few days we spent in Amsterdam. It was an amazing trip, and I’m just so grateful and happy that I actually get to do these kind of things! I mean wow. Today (or tomorrow morning really freaking early) I’m heading to Albania for a whole week! This sounds so kinky, but I’m so blessed. And the fact that I am able to go see the world in this way makes me the happiest person – There’s really nothing I’d rather do than go do that.

Anyway, have a nice time my readers, here you have some pictures:) ❤


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