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I know, I’m a terrible blogger and lets not even begin on the whole youtuber thing. I’m so bad at posting regularly, but to be honest I haven’t felt that inspired lately. I haven’t felt the writing vibe, you know. Anyway, I know that’s not a excuse; Writing is not only writing when you’re inspired, but also writing when you’re not. Or something like that. I’ve read it on tumblr once, and I thought that it was the reason I never finish a story. I simply can’t sit down and write when I don’t feel like it.

But that wasn’t actually what I wanted to write about, hence the headline. Of course I want to (FINALLY) update you on my last trip, which went to Albania. Conclusion: Super pleasantly surprised. I admit that I really didn’t know what to expect about this country. I didn’t really know anything. I knew it had something to do with communism – actually the country was almost totally cut off from the surrounding world until about 1990. I wont give you the full history class of Albania, but the history itself, is a great reason to visit the country. It’s very close and authentic compared to many other countries. One of the reasons, besides the fact that the huge historic changes happened not long ago, is that it’s not a touristgoal – yet. My friends and I had some crazy experiences based on the fact that the tourist industry is super important to the country, simply because they see it as a huge economic source in the future. This meant that we were treated unbelievably special. They really, atleast in Tirana, did so much to keep us satisfied and the people were very friendly. At one point we (my firends and I) got invited to a meeting with some kind of administration of tourism or something, where they asked us about our experiences and thoughts about Albania. These where, of course, positive.

One minus though, was that the men, not so much in Tirana as in Vlorë, had a tendency to be unpleasantly intrusive. Borderline scary, actually, but as long as you don’t walk alone, it shouldn’t be a problem. I also think part of the attention is because of the fact that, as I mentioned before, tourists are a big deal.  Nevertheless, we were treated very nicely in restaurants and bars. Everything was a totally different price range than Denmark. If I remember correctly, 100L corresponds to 6kr. Basically, we had dinner + beverage + wine for about 100-110kr. (You do the math, if you’re not from Denmark).

Albania is an incredibly beautiful country. The nature is stunning, both the beaches, the mountains and the cities, which oozes of history and cultures. It’s an amazing place for both hikers and beach-lovers and then it isn’t overcrowded with tourists, which only adds to the uniqueness of the country. Because it is unique and it is specieal and an ideal travel destination for people who’s on a budget and out for an adventure that’s a little bit unregular.

I will link my two videos as well, since I cannot post them directly anymore..










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