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Hey guys.

How’s your lives? Mine has, unfortunately, gone back to reality. In every meaning of the word – reality has hit me like the stone-cold, hard rock it is. My last year in school has officially started and I’ve not even been here in a week and I’m tired. Luckily, I got to spent a week in Greece on the island Corfu before going home for the weekdays and thank god for that! I had an amazing time and a memorable one as well, since this might have been the last vacation I got to go on with my family for a long time. It’s weird how a period of my life is slowly coming to an end. Soon I’ll be an adult and it scares me so much. Anyhow, unfortunately I actually didn’t take many pictures on this vacation, but I’m slowly starting on the video, so you’ll get some pictures there as well. I won’t make this post long. Basically, Corfu was a nice place. Very reliant on tourism which basically means that every town is overgrown with tourist shops, cocktailbars and restaurants. Living there isn’t very expensive and some of the towns seemed very fun, especially if you are young, so I would like returning once with my friends to hang at the beach and party-harty.

Anyway, I’m sorry the post is so short, I’ll add some more info when the video posts.

Love, Anna


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