One year anniversary

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Hello everybody. 

I have once again returned to my beloved blog after what feels like a longer time than usual. I don’t know why I’ve stopped writing and this development concerns me because writing honestly is the best thing I know and the thing I’m best at. It’s a way to get my thoughts out and a way to air my opinions and my form of art. Why I am abandoning this I don’t know, but I will once again try. Here I am. Writing just a few weeks after my one-year anniversary on this blog, and it saddens me that half of this one year hasn’t been active in the way a blog should be. I guess I took a break from it, though. This last half year has been, well, filled with experiences, feelings, change and in some way growth, actually. For the first time in my life I kind of feel like I’m going somewhere (only personally, like financially, educationally ect I’m not moving an inch), and even admitting to this make me a little fearful, because so much can change still. I don’t want to dive deep into this right now – I feel like it’s a whole different post I’ll write once I create a overview of it myself – but I guess I just wanted to tell you guys that I’m back and I’ll try to write some more again. Mostly for myself, but also for anyone, if there is any out there, who actually concerns about my blog in some way or another. Youtubevideo-wise I don’t know where I’m going. I don’t want to make any promises, but I don’t want do mark it as a ended chapter either. The desire nor the inspiration just hasn’t been there and why do it then? If not the belief in it is present it hardly seems worth it. But as I said, it might reoccur; just like the writing did.

So. Here’s to another year filled with new feelings, visions, dreams, realisations and growth. Here’s to another year where I, hopefully, will waste more time and energy on the things that I actually care about and much less on things that, in the long run, doesn’t matter. A year that surely will consist of countless posts that’ll paint a beautiful, telling picture of the year that is yet to go by. Here’s to a much better second year.

Love Anna 











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