Norway & Austria

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Hola everyone

I’ve been on two lovely trips lately and I thought I’d like to tell you about them even though it’s been long since I wrote the last time. I’m sorry of course, I am everytime, but I don’t want to make any empty promises anymore. I will TRY to write more in here. Anyhow, as you probably guessed by the headline I went to first Norway and then Austria for skiing. Unfortunately we were quite unlucky with the weather on both trips. It was heavy snowing and very gusty in Norway whilst it was really warm in Austria. Though the hotter weather is strongly to prefer I just thought I had to share this with you guys since it’s about the only bad things I have to say about the trips.

I want to start by telling you guys about Norway. We went there January the 5th – January 8th. The area in which we were staying was named Vrådal and was about 3 hours drive from Kristiansand where we arrived by ferry. We lived in a really nice, spacious apartment, but the rest of the building was empty since we stayed there totally out of season. I have to admit; the place was a little creepy at times.

Unfortunately, as I mentioned before, the weather was warm. Only one slope was open, so the skiing got a bit monotonous. Luckily there was a little cafe in the bottom of the valley where we spent alot of time instead – me with my feet close to the fireplace since they were freezing terribly in spite of it not being very cold.

When we arrived in Austria it was a bit different. Here it wasn’t just warm. It was crazy warm. Like warmer than I’ve ever tried before. Global warming is real, friends. By the end of the week we were skiing without jackets and without ski-underwear. We were also skiing on really heavy snow, which made the thighs burn. It was nice nonetheless. I actually prefer, when the slopes are still skiable, the warm weather, but that’s because I tend to freeze very easily. When it’s warm like this trip I was able to sit at one of the mountain-restaurants with a coke and no jacket just feeling the sun in my face. It’s the best feeling.

Anyway; just a quick sum-up for you guys. See you later




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