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Hey everyone!

New month, new blog. It seems that’s about how often I write in here. Loads has been happening this last half a year – year. I had a boyfriend, then I didn’t, I got my drivers license, I got a new job, I wrote a big ass assignment and did pretty well. Now everything is going a bit slower and I feel like I just wanted to take the time to share this important experience with you guys – my galla. Well, a galla is, as you can probably tell from the headline, basically a danish version of a prom. This galla has been the main event of my three years in high-school and this day was what we waited for since 1g (first grade). Then it arrived and then it was over and now I’m just left astonished of how quickly time passes.

I mean, I’m finished soon! No more school. I’m free!

I thought I wanted to share some pictures with you guys and just tell you a bit about the day. You see, my day started at 08:30am. I was hosting brunch for 4 of my closest friends. I made non-healthy pancakes (I’m back in fitness, so who cares) and then we had some syrup, coconut sugar, fruits, berries, tea, juice and eggs and bacon. It was very nice seeing the other girls because I don’t see them as often as I would like to. Luckily, we’re going to Berlin together next month. I’ll probably update you on that later. After brunch, when it was about 12pm, Julie and I drove over to one of our friends, Kamma. She’d put up these two big mirrors on her diningtable so we we’re able to put on our makeup at the same time. It was pretty clever, really. When we reached 4pm the last of us was slipping on dresses and putting on falsies, realising that we actually was in a bit of a hurry, since dinner with the rest of the class was at half past. We rushed to the car, one of my falsies fell off, I had to change shoes because I couldn’t drive in heels and then we had to shift seats because my mum was driving us to the restaurant. It was a pretty hectic experience, actually.

We had chicken-burger and french fries for dinner with a red wine. Real fancy. When we arrived at school we had to dance the “Lanciers”, but after that we were free to do what we wanted. A band called “Uptown funk” played all kinds of funky tunes, so naturally I was to be found on the dance floor all night, if not in the bar buying another wine. Jesus, did I buy a lot of wine. At the end of the evening I lost my purse, due to the wine, so I didn’t go into town with the rest, but it was fine. I was absolutely destroyed the day after and I only got home at 1am.

That is summed up my evening. It was really lovely and I am grateful for the wonderful people I surround myself with. They made the evening so much better.

See you later






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