BERLIN 12/04/17

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Hey guys

Time to write about Berlin, which I do think I promised to. Well, I’m not going to write so much, actually, since I’ve written about Berlin before, so I’d rather just share some pictures with you. Nonetheless, I will share some basic information.

I went with three of my best friends, Ida, Juttisha and Julie, from April 12th to april 16th. We stayed at a Hostel named Alcatraz in Prenzlauer berg (East Berlin, which is my favourite part of Berlin hah). It was a very good Hostel for the price, but not as great as we thought it would be from the videos we saw.

We spent our first day shopping, our second day, friday, visiting the DDR (I do think it’s called GDR in english) museum and sightseeing in the lovely weather, while we went for dinner in an indian restaurant in the evening. We spent a lot of hours there, just drinking happy-hour cocktails (SO MUCH CHEAPER THAN DENMARK) and at one point the waiters invited us to a club. To make a long story short we returned later in the evening, stayed there until 2 am and then just drove around because the clubs they were supposed to take us to were unavailable because of different reasons. So I didn’t actually dance which made me quite sad. The next day we went to the Museum of Modern art, I felt terrible, and then we just walked around while we saw different parts of Berlin.

This was a really quick review of our trip, which was absolutely amazing, but maybe not that blog-worthy. In stead I’ll post a haul on here later of the things I bought! Until then

Have a nice week, day, month, year




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