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Hello everyone!

As I briefly mentioned in my previous post I am going on interrail next month. August the 1st my two friends and I are driving to Hamburg. We’ll spend the night there before heading to Bordeaux, France, the next morning. Needless to say I am very exited to explore Europe some more! The actual point if this post is to show you our planned route and maybe explain it a bit. I’ll start by showing you the picture:

Skærmbillede 2017-07-21 kl. 16.42.48.png

Our main plan was to keep to the coasts as much as possible, which we have mostly done. Of course our longest journey from Hamburg to Bordeaux wasn’t by coast and in Spain we weren’t completely able to stay by the coast either. The train services in Spain took us by surprise. When you travel by the red routes, which there’s a lot of in Spain, the waits in cities we don’t actually want to see, are incredibly long. We’re talking an 11-hour train ride from Bordeaux to Irún. That seemed rather long compared to the fact that our ride from Hamburg takes about 11 hours as well. Well, the reason I tell you this, beside to warn you, are to explain why we haven’t planned anything between Lisbon and Madrid. In this area we haven’t quite been able to decide what we’ll do after that – all we know is that we’ll eventually end up in Madrid. Madrid wasn’t actually on our visit-list to start with, but if you take the trains to Madrid the routes are much faster since you’ll be traveling by mainlines instead of other lines (the red routes). Our fix is whether we want to go to Algeciras where we can take a boat to Morocco or just take the train to Madrid from Lisbon. If you look carefully at the map you can see that there’s no route covered by the interrail pas between Lisbon and Spain in the bottom – where we’ll have to go to take the ferry to Morocco. We’ll have to go all the way back halfway through Lisbon to be able to get back to Spain, which is a rather big detour. Instead we’re thinking about taking an alternate route from Villa Real De Sto. Antonio to Huelva in order to save time. Of course we can’t be sure if that’s even possible, so time will tell if we’ll get to Morocco.

After Madrid we’ll head to Valéncia and further on to Mallorca, which I’m very much looking forward to! The rest of our route is pretty clear drawn out on the map, but when we reach Venice we’re kind of at our turning point. We decided that from there we’ll see how much time we have left and then decide how much of eastern Europe we’ll have time and money to see. Hopefully we’ll have the time to fulfil our planned route, but you never know. Anyhow I might be doing another interrailtrip, but merely in Eastern Europe later in my leap year. I find Eastern Europe incredibly fascinating.

Well, I just wanted to share the route with your guys so you’re prepared for the next couple of posts about Interrail. This lays the background for the blogposts of the next month or two. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.





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  1. My Existential Babble says

    Do you mind me asking how much you have budgeted per fay for food/attractions etc? I’m currently planning a trip and i’m trying to work out how much to budget! ♥

    • yes of course! Well, we had a budget of approx. 10.000dk, which I think is 1,560.45usd. We did save a lot on food and the places we stayed, but overall that was quite enough and would be quite enough if we had spent more money on hostels and food! We were able to shop and everything.

      I wish you the best trip! ❤ 🙂

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