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GRWM : Love-themed party

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    Hello you guys This post is going to be me trying to do something new. Instead of making grwm-videos, I’ll try to write them this time, since I do not feel like I have the time nor desire to edit a video right now. (Honestly I feel so stressed out, so parties seem like a great idea atm). So, I guess I’ll start up with the make-up since it’s of the essence. Naturally, […]

G A L L A // P R O M

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Hey everyone! New month, new blog. It seems that’s about how often I write in here. Loads has been happening this last half a year – year. I had a boyfriend, then I didn’t, I got my drivers license, I got a new job, I wrote a big ass assignment and did pretty well. Now everything is going a bit slower and I feel like I just wanted to take the time to share this […]

The day after

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How are you my darlings? I’m quite alright. A bit (LOT) tired, but you know, I’ll survive. Went to bed at 3 am, woke up 7 am. Life’s good, when you’ve only gotten 5 hours of sleep, I tell you. So the reason why I went to bed at that particularly time of the night, was that I attended in┬áthe last HSG (party at my high school) this year. I’m not gonna lie to you. […]