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My top 10 travel songs

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Hey everyone¬† As you guys know, one of my absolute favourite things to do in this world is to travel and since I’m soon embarking upon a new period of my life, which hopefully will include a lot more travelling, I wanted to share with you my 10 favourite songs for it. These songs are chosen from a playlist of 106 songs which all mean something special to me (To be fair, I waited most […]

GRWM : Love-themed party

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    Hello you guys This post is going to be me trying to do something new. Instead of making grwm-videos, I’ll try to write them this time, since I do not feel like I have the time nor desire to edit a video right now. (Honestly I feel so stressed out, so parties seem like a great idea atm). So, I guess I’ll start up with the make-up since it’s of the essence. Naturally, […]

scarlet pleasure

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How are you doing? What I’m about the write about, actually happened a while ago, but I haven’t had the time to sit down and write about this all in all amazing experience before now. We ( me and my friends) went to our first concert in Kulisselageret, which basically is this little, intimate concert place. – It’s so cool. I don’t have much else to write besides the fact that we went to a […]