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My first solo adventure.

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Hi everyone! I’ve returned to write yet another post about my travels. This time I’m going to New Zealand, which is the furtherest I have ever been from home and additionally – I’m going alone for the first time as well. This, of course, I will write more about when I’ve traveled a bit more, but I have to admit that I have quite mixed feelings about it as for now. I’m in a constant […]

Interrail – the route

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Hello everyone! As I briefly mentioned in my previous post I am going on interrail next month. August the 1st my two friends and I are driving to Hamburg. We’ll spend the night there before heading to Bordeaux, France, the next morning. Needless to say I am very exited to explore Europe some more! The actual point if this post is to show you our planned route and maybe explain it a bit. I’ll start […]

GRWM : Love-themed party

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    Hello you guys This post is going to be me trying to do something new. Instead of making grwm-videos, I’ll try to write them this time, since I do not feel like I have the time nor desire to edit a video right now. (Honestly I feel so stressed out, so parties seem like a great idea atm). So, I guess I’ll start up with the make-up since it’s of the essence. Naturally, […]

G A L L A // P R O M

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Hey everyone! New month, new blog. It seems that’s about how often I write in here. Loads has been happening this last half a year – year. I had a boyfriend, then I didn’t, I got my drivers license, I got a new job, I wrote a big ass assignment and did pretty well. Now everything is going a bit slower and I feel like I just wanted to take the time to share this […]

Norway & Austria

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Hola everyone I’ve been on two lovely trips lately and I thought I’d like to tell you about them even though it’s been long since I wrote the last time. I’m sorry of course, I am everytime, but I don’t want to make any empty promises anymore. I will TRY to write more in here. Anyhow, as you probably guessed by the headline I went to first Norway and then Austria for skiing. Unfortunately we […]


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HELLO FRIENDS I know, I’m a terrible blogger and lets not even begin on the whole youtuber thing. I’m so bad at posting regularly, but to be honest I haven’t felt that inspired lately. I haven’t felt the writing vibe, you know. Anyway, I know that’s not a excuse; Writing is not only writing when you’re inspired, but also writing when you’re not. Or something like that. I’ve read it on tumblr once, and I thought that […]

Amsterdam 2016

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HEY GUYS. I thought now was the time to write about my trip to Amsterdam. I went with my main bro Juttisha, monday the 21st of march at about 12 in the afternoon. We stayed until friday about the same time. It was a wonderful trip with a lot of fun, shopping and tourism. The first day (tuesday) we went shopping at Kalverstraat and the streets near it. If you’re like us and into all […]


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Hey guys! I just realized that I haven’t even posted anything from my trip to Austria. You must be so annoyed with me! I’m really sorry – I should do better than this, but now it’s all distant, and I can’t really do anything, but tell you guys that the video is on Youtube quite soon. Yeah, I just have to finish it, which I haven’t really done yet either. It’s actually really annoying, because […]


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  Hey you guys. I’ve been wanting to make this post as a video for a long time, but because I don’t/didn’t have the time, I ended up here. I just feel like I just tell you what I’m planning for the blog/youtube the next few months. I’ve been quite absent for a while on pretty much every socialmedia I own and I’m sorry, but I just didn’t want to stress myself further. Socialmedia isn’t […]